Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photo Post!

Just some holiday pictures! Later today or tommorow I'll post my mactweets entry, a vanilla-olive oil with balsamic carmel ganache mac. These pictures are courtesy of Jason Chen!


annnd saving my favorite for last!

Tomorrow I'll attempt to make some macs for my family with an ancient kitchenaid and an ancient oven!

Oh, and my friends' friend works for the Kardashian's so I made a little box for them!
Horrible i-phone pics -

I'm pretty lucky working in TV, so far I've baked for Melissa Joan Hart, Emma Stone, the cast of GREEK cause thats where I was working the past few years, and now the Kardashians! Maybe I'll post pics of Melissa & Emma's orders later!


  1. Those are the most wonderful macarons I've ever seen! Beautiful decorating!

  2. I like the two silver snow flake designs the best, so beautiful, so classy, so elegant. What lovely lovely gifts!

  3. those macarons!! unbelievable! they look so perfect.

  4. Stunning! What are the decorations made out of?

  5. How talented are you Neneer!As Louise said, what are the decorations made of because they really make your macaroons stand out.
    I am looking for some unique x'mas decos on macarons and boy you've really impressed me.


  6. Grace - have you received a response yet? Looking forward to hearing about what the decorations are made from... they look AMAZING!