Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Sugar High

Christmas Treats 2009

Left: Macarons, Red Velvet Cake

This year, we had a LOT of
desserts for our Christmas dinner. I'm talking 3 cakes, a pie, a tarte, and about 15 million cookies... all for 10 adults and 2 kids. My contributions were the above red velvet present cake, 2 boxes of macarons, and David Lebovitz's French Pear and Almond Tarte. (More on the tarte in a later post, as it was deemed winner of the big desserts... my dad made me make another on the 26th!) The cake was decorated with marshmallow fondant and truckloads of luster dust. I love everything glittery and sparkly so it only makes sense that I love to brush luster dust on anything i can!

Other than food and family, the holidays can only mean one thing - presents! This year I was lucky enough to receive a quite a few food related items like The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child (along with accompanying DVD of Julie & Julia)
, the Ace of Cakes Book, Jamie's Italy by Jamie Oliver (because I loooovvvvee italian food), and a gift certificate for a cooking class at Sur La Table. Phew, I better start running again!

Even though most of my christmas shopping was left to the 11th hour, i still think i did pretty good this year. There's nothing like finding the perfect Christmas present! One of the reasons why shopping kept being put off was because there were lots of Macaron orders over at Bento Bakery. So i can't complain too much :)

One of the orders I loved putting together was for one of my friends to give out to her friends! Each box came with 4 Macarons each with its own compartment.
Flavors (clockwise): Candy Cane, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, & Chocolate
Now, just another little touch and... All done!

Just a small little treat to show you care.
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and not worrying about the calories toooo much. (Thats what the new year is for, right?) Enjoy the food and gifts and don't stress.... even if its only for a little while.

I'm very excited about this coming year and I hope to document various adventures (and possibly misadventures) in the kitchen. From new Macaron flavors, to the tips I learn from Sur La Table to daring Alinea attempts, its sure to be interesting! Well, to me at least ;)


  1. I love this blog! This is exactly what I like to read about -- food and adventures with food. Great idea on using a macaroon for exquisite and bogouise flavors (i.e. red velvet and salted caramel) Well, thanks so much for your input and looking forward to your future adventures and misadventures with food and other sorts! :)

  2. That cake looks so awesome!!! I'm eagerly awaiting my turn with the pear tarte (yum)!! And as the recipient of said gift boxes for my friends, I must say they were a huge hit, and the girls loved the little boxes and the extra ribbon touches! Thanks for making my holiday gifting so effortless and delicious!