Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yummy Pear & Almond Tarte

David Lebovitz's
Pear & Almond Tarte

I'm not sure what made me want to make this pear tarte so badly for Christmas. To be honest I don't usually make pies and tartes. Especially with fruit. I love to eat them, but a lot of my desserts seem to deal with mainly chocolate. Anyway I'm so glad to have discovered this tarte and have made it a total of 3 times already and it was all in the span of a week! I like it because it is not too sweet and it's pretty easy to make!

I poached my own pears as David suggests.

I also added in about 2 tsp vanilla bean paste, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and a splash of rum. yum.

i always ended up with a couple extra pear slices and they are great to eat on their own.

You can also later reduce the poaching liquid down as David suggests to make a syrup for the tarte, but most agreed that they didn't need it and some thought it even made it too sweet. But the syrup would go great with other fruits, maybe drizzled over some plain yogurt? So don't waste, make the syrup!

*My tip is to buy vanilla bean paste (I got mine from whole foods) because its cheaper than buying the whole beans but you still get the little specs of vanilla when you use it.

SO, to recap, I DO recommend making this dessert!

On a separate note, tonight I've been experimenting with different, more intensely flavored fillings for macarons. In the process I somehow discovered how to make a strawberry ooey gooey play doh! FAIL! Oh well try, try, try again!

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